Saturday, November 25, 2006

Character Designs

Copyright Chris Chan 2009


Lonnie said...

Holy crap Chris, these are really cool! good to see you've been drawing . My appeal accomplished nothing but at least I tried. I'm Finishing my film, and helped Lisa and Francis with hteir film. I think I'm gonna go independent man, I am still thinking abut halifax though, its good money and an awesome work environment from what I heard, but then there are all these independent opportunities here, so I'm kinda at a crossroads right now. I am working on a pitch with my bro and lisa as well, everyone thinks it is a great idea so, if it works out, I think its worth not going to Halifax or anywhere else just yet;) I am still conused as to what raod to take, its leaning more on freelance independent stuff though. Take care man.

foolingaround said...

wow, this is so good. I need to learn from you.

L├╝bke said...

shit son! you're kicking ass! now that i have a blog add me!!!! ^_^